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    <querypage name="Ancientpages">
        <page value="20140123205404" timestamp="2014-01-23T20:54:04Z" ns="0" title="Sony Xperia T2: Taking Screenshot" />
        <page value="20140128215442" timestamp="2014-01-28T21:54:42Z" ns="0" title="Delete or Edit Messages in Skype for Windows 8" />
        <page value="20140131200343" timestamp="2014-01-31T20:03:43Z" ns="0" title="Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Taking a Screenshot" />
        <page value="20140131200512" timestamp="2014-01-31T20:05:12Z" ns="0" title="Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo: Taking a Screenshot" />
        <page value="20140202160920" timestamp="2014-02-02T16:09:20Z" ns="0" title="No Windows 8.1 Update in the Windows 8 Store (Solved)" />
        <page value="20140212171913" timestamp="2014-02-12T17:19:13Z" ns="0" title="Windows 8.1:Creating Internet Exprlorer Shortcut On Desktop" />
        <page value="20140214193228" timestamp="2014-02-14T19:32:28Z" ns="0" title="Ubuntu: How to install zip and unzip" />
        <page value="20140214193422" timestamp="2014-02-14T19:34:22Z" ns="0" title="LG G Flex: Taking a Screenshot" />
        <page value="20140214193612" timestamp="2014-02-14T19:36:12Z" ns="0" title="LG G Pro 2: Taking a Screenshot" />
        <page value="20140215204359" timestamp="2014-02-15T20:43:59Z" ns="0" title="Nokia Lumia Icon: Taking Screenshot" />