Nokia Lumia 635: Hard Reset (HowTo)

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  • How to make a Hard Reset (Factory Reset & Data Wipe) on Nokia Lumia 635? (Windows Phone 8.x smartphone)
  • It is very important if you lost your password, want to sell your phone or you have some trouble with Windows Phone.
Info: If you need a soft reset (force reboot) click here

Solution 1 (Reset via Menu)

  • Open Windows Phone Settings


  • Tap "about"


  • Tap "Reset your phone"


Solution 2 (Real Hard Reset via Buttons)

  • Turn the phone off.
  • Press the Power-Button once
  • Press and hold the Volume-Down-Button until you see the exclamation point ! on the screen


  • Release all buttons
  • Press the following buttons in exact chronological order:
  • Press the Volume-Up-Button once
  • Press the Volume-Down-Button once
  • Press the Power-Button once
  • Press the Volume-Down-Button once
  • Hard Reset will start immediately